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It’s 2017 And I’m Still Alive…

This is about the best thing I can say right now.

My last post was in July of last year, ugh. Honestly, I always get hit by this weird malaise in the summer; and since I didn’t feel like I had a lot to talk about, there didn’t seem to be a reason to keep fighting it. I’m usually myself again when the cold starts to creep back in October, so I figured I’d get back to posting then. I underestimated how much the anniversary of my friend’s death, in October, was going to affect me.

And then November happened…

I’m glad to say that even though I haven’t been able to sit down and write a post for the blog, I have been working on my other writing. At a snail’s pace sometimes, but working nonetheless. ^-^ So, even though it’s way past New Year’s at this point, I’m going to go ahead and do my usual goal review anyhow.

I had kind of a long list for 2016. Let’s see how I did!


Goal 1. Write at least two short stories – 100%! ^-^ Wrote a story about a troll, and one about a phoenix as well. My troll story, Beneath the Red Lantern, is actually fully edited, formatted, and ready to be sent out into the unforgiving ether!

Goal 2. Find a home for ‘Take Me On’ – Did not do this. It kinda required going back and editing more, and I was pretty involved in charging forward on other projects. If I don’t find a magazine for it this year, I think I’ll put it up here on the blog.

Goal 3. Do editing for “Romaine” and unnamed wizard story – Mostly got this one. The wizard story was edited and finished, and titled “Turbulent Waters”. I did a BIT of editing on Romaine, but got overwhelmed and decided to put it away again. I’ve been thinking about some changes for it throughout the last year, however. Almost time for another try. ^-^

Goal 4. Send more than one story out to magazines and such – Nope. I sent out “Turbulent Waters”, but didn’t finish any other stories till later in the year.

Goal 5. Keep the blog going – Ummm… mostly? I did manage to post at least once for half the year. Okay, I kinda feel bad about this one. *sigh*

Goal 6. Read my current box of unread books – Definitely did not get this one! However, after finding out I actually had a grand total of 74 unread books in my possession, I knew it was unlikely I was going to. 😄 I did make some progress though! ^-^

Goal 7. Get settled into our own place – Done! We got all of our stuff sorted, bought a lamp and a bookshelf… oh yeah, we’ve been getting pretty cozy. ^-^ And in a less physical sense, we’ve been settling down and starting to do fun things in our neighborhood again: DnD games, hanging out with friends, finding new favorite restaurants, even voting! ^-^

It’s pretty heartening that I did better than expected with my goals. Huzzah for being specific and reasonable! lol

Goals for 2017:
-Write at least two short stories
-Find a home for my unsold stories
-Post some shorts/flash fiction on the blog
-Edit “Romaine”
-Send out more than one story to magazines and such

-Keep the blog going!
-Read at least HALF of my current unread books
-Go to some marches, get involved, and be a good White Mage out there
-Go to some conventions here in Seattle

A lot of these are recurring goals, so hopefully I do better with them this year! I honestly don’t feel very ambitious. I’m not even sure that I’ve quite escaped this whirlpool of depression I’ve been dealing with. That being said, I am still going to do my very best this year. I’m gonna fight as hard as I can.

I hope you all will too… *hugs*


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Reading Journal 7/16

Welcome to another Reading Journal! ^-^ Every month or so I get up to a bit of book rambling; with some basic information on books I’ve read recently, as well as a quick-and-simple review for each one. I usually do about 4, but I’m shifting down to 3 for the next couple posts, since my reading has slowed down a lot lately.

This month’s spread has another new Elemental Masters book (yay!), as well as the first two books of a series that was a surprisingly big part of my childhood… even though I never read it!

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June Update

Summer is difficult, apparently. 😄 That’s all I can think of to say about my lack of blog posts this month. I even had a flash fiction ready to go, and just forgot to put it up! *sigh*

Interestingly, the amount of writing and reading I’ve done this month is actually up from May’s sad numbers.

Although I still haven’t finished ‘Beneath the Red Lantern’, I had one of those flashes of insight into how I can simplify the ending to where it doesn’t feel painfully pretentious. I’m hoping to get that hashed out at writer’s group tonight. I also added to one of the vague ideas previously written down in my notebook. It basically involves a person wandering into the midst of a gathering of folktale creatures from various cultures. Still needs some clarifying and research, but it should be fun to write. ^-^ Continue reading

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May Update

Is it almost June already? Good goshness, I feel like I’ve barely gotten anything done at all this month! There has to be two more weeks left, right? *sigh*

I’ve been doing so well this year, but May was definitely a record bad month for writing. (Reading too, I got through like one book. >.<) The superstitious voice in my head says it is because I made a plan to do something big and specific this month: editing. To be honest, it’s probably more because I missed every single Writer’s Group meeting due to bad scheduling at work and being sick. Also, the end of ‘Beneath the Red Lantern’ is stumping me right now. It’s one of those weird head-spaces I get into where every thing I think to write sounds stupid.

I did manage to edit a flash fiction, which I plan to post next month. ^-^ I also got together with the Life Enrichment director at my work and came in to read a couple short stories to the residents. Definitely one f the high-points of the month! I had so much fun, and they all seemed to enjoy the stories. I learned something very interesting from this experience: reading your work to an audience makes you acutely aware of all the odd phrases and sentences that need tweaking. I actually found myself changing some wording around as I read, because it just sounded better. I even skipped a sentence or two. O.O

Maybe reading to an audience isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I really recommend it. At the very least, read out loud to yourself as if you have an audience.


The other high point of the month is that Lucas and I celebrated our third anniversary! ^-^ We went out to a high-end restaurant and everything! I told Lucas my only request was somewhere I could wear my lace dress without feeling out of place. Boy did he deliver! haha Continue reading


Reading Journal 5/16

Welcome again to another Reading Journal! ^-^ Every month or so I get up to a bit of book rambling; with some basic information on 4 – 5 books I’ve read this year, as well as a quick-and-simple review for each one. This month I’ve got a duology, a promising first book, and a volume from a favorite series of mine. Not all of them caught my fancy, but maybe they’ll catch yours…

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April Update

So it’s been over a month since my last post. Considering that post was about failure, this fact may seem a little ominous… The truth is that almost nothing I did this month felt worthy of its own post. More like a sentence or two each. And, since I’m still somewhat wary of Twitter, I thought I’d combine them all together in an all-together update for April. ^-^ And a quick overview of my writing plans for May.

Life – The long work hours continue. I was expecting them to level off a bit. Then we ended up being down a person, so everyone’s working loooong shifts until we fill in the gaps. I’m beginning to think this might always be how it is at this job. 😄 Such is life, I guess!

In more fun news, I went to Get Lit At the Beach again, at the beginning of the month. Lucas was even able to go with me this time. ^-^ I have to admit that one of the highlights for me was that Terry Brooks remembered me from last year, and we chatted a bit. *shiny eyes* Much like last year, I had a great time listening to the presenting authors talk about their careers and processes. Lucas and I also met some great people that we hung out with, and it was just a fabulous weekend all around! Continue reading


Belated Birthday Thoughts: On Being A Failure

So last week I turned 28, which is pretty cool. Over the weekend Lucas and I hosted a birthday shindig – also the first ever shindig in our new place – and it was a huge success! ^-^ And, thanks to having people over, our house is finally clean and set-up, so I feel like we are finally settled in. I think this has already helped my writing, because I got up early on Saturday and spent some time finishing up the first typo-edit of my wizard story. And on Sunday I even remembered to send it out to my betas!

There’s just something about not feeling like there’s an endless list of things to DO, that makes me feel like sitting down and writing. Hopefully I can keep up this momentum. ^-^

Another thing that my birthday brought about: a lot of thoughts about my goals and how far I’ve gone towards achieving them. I’m going into my third year of blogging and seriously pursuing a writing career. Being published, that’s my big goal.

To be honest, I don’t feel like I’m any closer to reaching that goal than I was in 2014. Continue reading