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A Very Jenn NaNoWriMo

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Every year around this time I see a lot of articles pop up about National Novel Writing Month. If you don’t know what that is… well, I mean really I have no words because it’s pretty self explanatory actually. Since this year I have a shiny new blog, I thought it would be appropriate to get in on the fun. This won’t be a post about NaNoWriMo tips and tricks, but rather a quick note about my own plans and goals for this year.

The first thing I should probably note is that I don’t really NaNo like most people do. I’ve never joined the site, I don’t always start a new story, and I don’t even always go for 50,000 words. In fact only once out of the four or five times I’ve participated have I actually played for keeps. I basically use this time as a yearly writer’s therapy, to try and tone my inner editor down a bit. (Seriously, she needs it!) Which is not to say that I don’t try hard, just that I usually set my own goals. I’ve never ‘won’, even by my own rules, but I always have fun. ^-^ I also learn new things about myself and my writing every year.

With that said, here’s a breakdown of what wild shenanigans I’m up to this time around.

 Main Goal: 15,000 words for the month, which comes out to 500 a day

Secondary Goal: 30,000 words for the month, which comes out to 1,000 a day

Both of these goals were designed so that I could work on short stories this year. I thought the lower per day requirement would help me to keep the stories focused and appropriately short. Also my work starts to get super busy this time of year, so they are designed around that as well. The secondary goal specifically came about because 15,000 seemed a little wimpy, and I thought I should have a meatier back-up goal in case I was feeling badass. ^-^

My plan is to start with Romaine… because seriously that needs to get finished! *facepalm* After that I will move on to ‘Angel Wings’, and I have a third idea prepared as well. It’s kind of a special story for now, so all I’ll say is that it’s firmly in the fantasy genre. ^-^ If I get through all of those, well I shall just have to wing-it.

I will of course be posting quick weekly updates throughout November so you can see how I’m doing.

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Are you an odd cat like me, or do you prefer the normal rules? Let me know in the comments! ^-^


Author: Jennifer L. Post

For most of my life I've been imagining and playing, making up stories and writing them down. It's my dream to become a published author. Right now I'm working hard to make that happen. ^-^

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