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Farewell to Poetry Month: One Last Song

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Happy Halloween everyone! ^-^

Today is the very last Friday of October, which means I have my very last poem to post for poetry month. Since it is also Halloween, I thought I’d go with one sort of in keeping with the implied creepiness of the day. And so I present, my ‘Siren Song‘.

Like ‘Sylvan Lullaby’ and ‘A Lingering Smile’, this is a song that I have an actual tune for and sing around the house or at work. Actually, my favorite is to sing it at work, when we have no customers. I never get through the whole thing before someone shows up… *wink* This song also has an interesting origin story. It was first written as part of a long and ridiculous poem called, ‘The Ballad of Gentana Lasleen’.

Intrigued perhaps? Well, I will not be posting Gentana’s Ballad at the moment, but I will write you a little story about it.

It was Writer’s Club. Our prompt for the week: Write a poem or story featuring one of several memorable phrases from the stories we had just brought in and read out earlier. My phrase of choice, “She is one messed up fish.” So, naturally, I decide to write a story involving a mermaid. Then I think, no, what I need to write is an epic poem featuring a show down between a mermaid and a fairy.

The story was pretty simple. A young fairy named Gentana is feeling lonely, so she decides to use her magic ways to catch herself a mortal to keep her company. She promptly does so, returning to her home stream with a young man by the name of Tam. Things are good for awhile. Then one day Gentana goes off flower hunting, and when she returns her mortal is nowhere to be found. She discovers that a mermaid has moved into a local pool nearby and has lured Tam into her clutches. The poor guy is quite nearly drown, before being rescued by his fairy lady. Gentana then informs him that, since he has now under the effect of two spell bindings, he must choose one. Here is his reply:

And what did Tam answer?
Why, all she could wish.
“I’m through with that girl,
she is one MESSED UP fish!”

The poem is very fun and silly, but some of the syllable counts on the verses are messed up. Eventually I need to edit it, and I probably will not post the full thing until that happens. However, I will share one of my particular favorite verses, from the part where Gentana tracks Tam down.

“What are you doing? That human is mine!”
she yelled at the fishy blonde whore.
“I lured him in fair.” the mermaid replied,
and kissed the poor mortal once more.

Not only does it make me giggle, but I feel it also illustrates Tam’s rather helpless position pretty clearly. The poor guy has no agency whatsoever, and even the one choice he’s given, at the end, is just the illusion of a choice.

And now I am starting to ramble in what was supposed to be a quick Halloween note. XD Best stop myself here. I hope you enjoyed this peak into the background of my creepy Siren Song.

Have a great day all, and beware of sugar crash! Feel free to drop any questions or thoughts about this post in the comments. ^-^


Author: Jennifer L. Post

For most of my life I've been imagining and playing, making up stories and writing them down. It's my dream to become a published author. Right now I'm working hard to make that happen. ^-^

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