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NaNo Notes: Week 2

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I feel so good about this week! ^-^

I did miss a day, but pretty easily caught up again. My current word count is 6,159, out of the 7,000 I should have by now. So not only did I do all the writing I was supposed to this week, I even managed to edge a little into catching up with the days I missed last week. Huzzah!

Romaine feels like it is actually moving along at a good pace! I’ve finished my scene of startling revelations, and have now moved on to the part of the story where my protagonists make all kinds of excellent plans that are ultimately
doomed to failure, because mwahahahaha!

I thought I would once again share some of my favorite bits from this week. These first two are just a few sentences that I love because I feel they are so full of character. They are both pretty simple, which makes it even better. ^-^

(This is from Elena’s POV.)

Oh, this had been entirely too many awful surprises before breakfast.

(And this little bit from Romaine’s really struck me.)

Before Elena came, he hardly noticed the quality of silence. It was all just home to him.

It’s interesting to me, because when I was writing I didn’t really think about these sentences. But, after typing them I had to pause and smile because it really felt like something only that character would ever think. I love when I start getting to know my characters like this.

I have one other excerpt, and I wanted to share it because I really enjoyed writing it… and because I’m not sure it will survive editing. It possibly slows the pace down a bit too much.

He retrieved some bits of tinder, a few pieces of kindling wood, from beside the stove and began the careful work of restarting the fire. Ashes were swept to the side with the poker – must remember to empty this out later, he thought absently – then he laid the tinder out like a little bed, with the kindling pieces arranged in a triangle pattern around it. One ember he had managed to salvage, and this was rolled over against the side of the small structure. The tinder caught easily, that was its purpose. Romaine opened up the flue to allow the heat and smoke to rise, drawing air through the triangle structure and further stoking the young fire.

This is actually how my Dad taught me to build a good fires. ^-^ An excellent skill to learn by the way!

In further notes, there are two very important things that I realized during this week. The first is that writing gets easier when you do it every day. You read this all the time, because it’s true. Of course writing is not always going to be ‘easy’, but when you make something a part of your routine it becomes a lot less difficult to get into the mindset of “Okay, I am going to write now.” And when you give yourself consistent goals, it becomes easier to push yourself to get there on the days when writing is like pulling an elephant out of tar pit… with your teeth. It has really surprised me just how easy it is to make writing 500 words a part of my day.

Which goes right along with the second important thing I learned: Small goals are just as worthwhile as large goals! 500 words a day seemed incredibly pathetic to me when I started this month. It reality though, it makes me feel really happy. I am setting goals and completing them! I feel like someone who has been desperately trying to free-climb a huge cliff, and who has just realized that using ropes and anchoring myself safely doesn’t make me a horrible failure as climber.

Don’t get me wrong, free-climbing a giant cliff is an astounding feat. I have major respect for anyone who can do that. I just think we it’s important to remember that scaling a cliff at all takes a lot of courage and determination. Reaching the top is amazing, no matter how long it took or how you made the climb.

Unless someone levitates you up there. Thaaaaaat might be cheating…

Any comments or questions about this rather long note? I would love for you to leave me a comment! ^-^


Author: Jennifer L. Post

For most of my life I've been imagining and playing, making up stories and writing them down. It's my dream to become a published author. Right now I'm working hard to make that happen. ^-^

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