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A new year of challenges and goals!

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Obviously a little late out of the gate with this post, but Happy New Year to all! ^-^ I hope it has been good so far.

So 2014 is definitely over. It dragged its feet in a couple of places, but for the most part it went by really fast. I can’t say I’m sad to see it go. I did get a lot accomplished, but the last few months have been really difficult for me. So I am looking forward to (hopefully!) a change of pace and a happier Jenn in the new year. Not to mention the extra writing time that comes with the mall being dead post-Christmas! ^-^

Looking back for a moment, here’s a quick list of last year’s goals and how I did with them:

Goal 1. Write three short stories and get them edited and polished – Final count is one short story, and 99% of an unintentional novella, no editing done. I have a lot of mixed feelings about how this goal turned out. On the one hand, obviously I didn’t make it. On the other hand, the sheer amount of writing I have done this year is awesome, and is technically the amount that I wanted to do… just all on the same story. ^-^

And yes, Romaine is still around. I was actually working on it New Year’s Eve, trying to get it finished before midnight so that I could triumphantly proclaim to you all that it was done, done, DONE! The result was that I wrote out the old year and wrote in the new, which is pretty boss.  ^-^ So, what I shall triumphantly proclaim instead is that I am in the midst of the climactic finale. I think I have maybe three pages left, if that. Sooo close!

Goal 2. Decide what I want to do with these three short stories. – This was meant to be after I had polished them up and got them as ready as they could be for some sort of publication. Obviously I never got to this stage. I have, however, been thinking about what I would do. Right now a hybrid of traditional and e-publishing seems like it would work the best. Heavily leaning towards traditional publishing though.

Goal 3. Restart my blog and keep it going. – This is one goal that I definitely made, 100%! I disappeared a bit over the summer, but I have kept up the blog and I even have 50 followers! I can’t even tell you how exciting and awesome that is! ^-^ So thanks, to all of you, for reading my ramblings. You rock!

Goal 4. Scholar and I moving to the Portland area – I don’t think I’ve mentioned this one before, but it was a huge driving goal for my husband and I this last year. We have been saving up money like crazy and applying for tons of jobs, but alas the wheels of the universe seem to be stuck at the moment… and so we ended up staying here in California for another year.

My list of goals for this year is a little bit longer, and more specific. ^-^

Goals for 2015:

– Write at least two short stories
– Edit ‘Take On Me’
– Do some editing work on a few of my previously completed shorts
– Start sending out some stories to magazines and the like! ^-^

– Do some work on my pet novella project, at least one chapter
– Go to a conference or some other  official writer’s gathering
– Keep the blog going!

– Read my whole box of unread books
– Move to Portland

I also have one resolution: take better care of Jenn

Now that I look at it all typed up, it’s a bit daunting. However, I shall try very hard! ^-^ What are your goals and resolutions for 2015? Let’s all do our best and have a wonderful year!


Author: Jennifer L. Post

For most of my life I've been imagining and playing, making up stories and writing them down. It's my dream to become a published author. Right now I'm working hard to make that happen. ^-^

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