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A Change of Pace

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Just some quick thoughts on something that happened over here recently. It’s not directly writing related, but will definitely be having a significant impact on my circumstances. It’s also part of the reason why I haven’t put up a new “Writing Styles” post yet.

For about a month now, my husband and I have been waiting to hear back from a job he interviewed for in Portland. He has been calling regularly to check on it, each time being told that they haven’t made a decision yet. Although anxious, we were pretty cool with that, since it seemed much more promising than any other job he’d applied for so far.

So when he texted me on Sunday to say that he’d been offered another job at this place he used to work at in town, but that they would need him to stay for at least a year, I was conflicted. On the one hand, so excited for husband! On the other hand, it will be another full year before we will be able to pursue moving to Portland… which, among other things, means enduring another 110+ summer.

After talking about it, we decided that it makes much more sense to seize this opportunity and do something good with it, than to sit around waiting for something that may never actually come to fruition. Not to mention that another year of experience with software testing can only help him with job hunting later. So he went in for an interview on Monday, and on Tuesday had his first day back on the job.

Honestly I’m still dealing with how I feel about the whole situation. Monday was a really long day, full of anxiety and tiny surges of, “Oh god we’ve mad a terrible mistake!” Today, however, I can tell I’m already in a much better place. I’m starting to think more about the good things our change in circumstance will bring us, than about the things we will have to postpone because of it.

And one very important good thing that, since Lucas will be making well over what we both currently make together, I can quit my job. Not only is this wonderful on the mental health side of things, it is extra super wonderful on the writing front. Because if all goes as currently planned, I will be writing full time for the first time ever… possibly by my birthday next month.

That’s very exciting indeed! ^-^


Author: Jennifer L. Post

For most of my life I've been imagining and playing, making up stories and writing them down. It's my dream to become a published author. Right now I'm working hard to make that happen. ^-^

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