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Hey all! First off, apologies for my not-posting streak. Further apologies, because I’m afraid that it will probably extend into September. Being apart from my husband, out of place, and the stress of apartment hunting seem to be wreaking havoc with my ability to sit down and just write. However, definitely expect the next Reading Journal in its proper place this coming Monday! ^-^ I will be doing a special set: Light Novels.

And now, current goings-on of my attempts to get published…


In late August I received my fourth official rejection for “Take Me On”. The last magazine had a super-quick turn around, 3 – 4 days; which is pretty unusual. It was kind of exciting to know that I would get a reply so immediately. At the same time, a bit disheartening. The fastest rejection so far! Ahaha… *sigh*

By this point I have gone through all but one of the markets on my main list. Why so few? Well, TMO’s genre and word count took out a huge chunk of potential markets right off the bat. Add in the fact that I wanted to stick with paid markets first, and my main list was whittled down to a total of 5. Actually the last one is closed to submissions, for an indeterminate amount of time; which effectively makes it only 4.

So then, having exhausted my original plan, what is the next move? Good question! Here is a lovely little list comprising my thoughts on the matter.

Step 1: Research
Honestly, the first thing I always do when I’ve reached the end of my known resources is to go back and research a little more, just to make sure. My currently known markets were all found using my recent copy of Writer’s Market, as well as the SFWA’s list of qualifying markets. (That is, qualifying you to apply for membership in the SFWA. ^-^)

Research round two, I will go check out WM’s online resources. A bit of independent digging shall be done as well, just to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

Step 2: Rewrite
Should the above step turn up no viable results, or if I should happen to go through all of the viable ones, then I shall turn to my secondary list of magazines… Basically, ones that came close, but didn’t quite meet my requirements. At the very top of that list are a couple whose word count limits were just a bit lower than TMO’s total count of 9,400. One is actually a magazine marketed towards the 10 – 12 age range. I think it may work to my advantage a bit, given the young age of my protagonist. ^-^

There is a particular area in the story that was pointed out to me by a very generous editor as slowing the plot down, and possibly being entirely unnecessary. So, I will start my rewriting there. Hopefully I can get it down to 9,000 words or less fairly painlessly.

Step 3: Unpaid Markets
Further down on my secondary list are markets that don’t pay their contributing authors. At least, not with cash. I can’t lie, a check would be most awesome thing (and sooo helpful right now!), but I have no problem shopping TMO around fairly well known, unpaid markets as well. A possible copy of my work in print is a lovely thought all by itself. Even an e-zine would make me pretty excited! Published is published.


There are other options beyond this small list, of course. For the time being however, these are the ones I will be focusing on. Plenty to do here after all! ^-^


Author: Jennifer L. Post

For most of my life I've been imagining and playing, making up stories and writing them down. It's my dream to become a published author. Right now I'm working hard to make that happen. ^-^

3 thoughts on “Next Steps

  1. Keep trying! Keep pushing. Someday you’ll find a publisher happy to publish your work.


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