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New Year’s Goal Review

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Even later out of the gate than last year; but at least I’m still in the first week of the year, heh.

2015 has finally made it’s exit. Can’t say I will miss it; but it wasn’t all super bad. ^-^ Time to clean house for the new year by taking a look at how I did with the goals I set myself last January. I know there are a couple I didn’t even get close to; but that’s okay. Setting goals for myself every year is just a tool I use to help keep myself on track, moving in the direction that I want to go. It’s also pretty helpful to be able to track what sorts of things are popping up to give my best intentions a smack-down.

It was a bit of long list last year, but here goes! ^-^

Goal 1. Write at least two short stories – I wrote one story, three flash fictions, and a couple half-completed shorts. So I’ll give myself a so-so win on this. Basically it played out the same way as last year. XD

Goal 2. Edit ‘Take Me On’ – Done! ^-^

Goal 3. Do some editing work on a few of my previously completed shorts – Didn’t get to this at all. That’s okay, since I mostly put it in as a reminder to myself that I want to do this eventually.

Goal 4. Start sending out some stories to magazines and the like – I definitely met this goal! I have a small collection of rejections to prove it. ^-^

Goal 5. Do some work on my pet novella project, at least one chapter – Didn’t get to this one either. Although, I have been thinking about that story and writing little side notes for the end of the plot. Aside from being absorbed in short story ideas, I’ve noticed a lot of hesitancy within myself to jump back into this project. Gonna have to figure that out before I can start working with it again, or I’ll just get stuck.

Goal 6. Go to a conference or some other official writer’s gathering – In April I was able to go out to Get Lit At the Beach, in Cannon Beach, OR. I had such a great time! And I got to meet one of my favorite authors as well. ^-^ So that’s a year goal AND a life goal met at the same time!

Goal 7. Keep the blog going! – I am still here, so huzzah! And my Reading Journal posts have helped me post a bit more regularly too.

Goal 8. Read my whole box of unread books – Even though I kept on adding to it, I still managed to read all of the ones that were in there originally, so I think that counts as meeting the goal. Even of the ones added, the only books I didn’t get to are the ones that were stuck down in California when I jetted up here to Seattle.

I actually read about 36 new books this year, as well as re-reading some old favorites. A pretty good year on the reading front! ^-^

Goal 9. Move to Portland – Ummm, well we moved! However, we ended up in Seattle instead. 🙂 A bit of an overshoot, but progress nonetheless! Now we just need our own place.

I actually completed a lot more goals from my list than I thought I would! ^-^ The longer, detailed list works well, apparently.

Goals for 2016:
– Write at least two short stories
– Find a home for “Take Me On”
– Do editing for “Romaine” and unnamed wizard story
– Send more than one story out to magazines and such

– Keep the blog going ^-^
– Read my current box of unread books
– Get settled into our own place

And as a couple of reminder goals… ^-^
– Do some editing work on a few of my previously completed shorts
– Do some work on my pet novella, at least a chapter

I have to say, I feel a lot less daunted by my longer list this year. Even with all of the awfulness that 2015 flung at me, I managed to meet most of my goals. ^-^ I’m going to work hard again this year!

Good luck to all of you as well. ❤


Author: Jennifer L. Post

For most of my life I've been imagining and playing, making up stories and writing them down. It's my dream to become a published author. Right now I'm working hard to make that happen. ^-^

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