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Poetry Month Fridays – Unfinished Epics: The Key Riddles

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The Key of Light

Hold your anchors, hold your boats,
leave off the slippery sides.
You will find no anchor here,
where the first key bides.

Within the sacred, ancient hill
is where the secret hides.
But only water can breach the stone
and find where it resides.

Towers, walls, and battlements
hold your guards and guides.
Watch the shields, watch for swords,
and watch the burning tides.

The Key of Silence

Beyond the ancient hill of stone and light,
journey where the sun peaks o’re the sill.
There, between the threatening towers of earth,
lies a leafy kingdom, deep and still.

Those who seek must tread the path with caution;
whispers, cries, are clarion calls to kill.
The golden tree, dressed all in silver wings,
bids you follow birds but shun their trill.

Through the oldest, strongest, lies the doorway.
Copper bends, but can be deadly still.
Ides only will reveal, in silence,
a key of golden hue and iron will.

I decided to start this set of ‘Unfinished Epics’ with the technically least incomplete of the lot. ^-^ These riddles originated in a roleplay I once lead entitled, ‘Legendary’. It involved a magical treasure map with three riddles, leading to the resting place of the fabled Nightshade Jewel. I had a ton of fun crafting these riddles and watching everyone solve them. Unfortunately, the game died off before I even really started on “The Key of Crystal”, which finishes the set.

The main reasons why I haven’t finished this? Well, part if it is because I hadn’t really mapped out the third key’s resting place and challenges, both integral to the the riddle. The other reason is that each riddle is doing double duty, and the rhyme scheme is super important to that. 😉

I would really love to finish this someday, and reboot the whole story as either a set of adventure shorts/novellas, or maybe a DnD or Fantasy Age game.

Author: Jennifer L. Post

For most of my life I've been imagining and playing, making up stories and writing them down. It's my dream to become a published author. Right now I'm working hard to make that happen. ^-^

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