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Poetry Month Fridays – Unfinished Epics: The Two At Gonl

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A black wave surging
‘tween mountain walls.
Roaring with one voice,
rushing with one purpose,
to break,
with fury, with rage
upon the two who held against them.
The ogres charged.
But the two stood fast.

One a daughter of the arrow.
Helnara, called The Bow,
laughed in the face of the darkness,
laughed, as she bent her bow
and loosed two arrows.
How straight and true her arrows!

The air humming with their flight,
each summoned an enemy
to the Cold One’s halls.
Yet the wave swept onward
as she drew again.
Warm the sun on her bright hair shining,
fierce the light in her eyes,
as she sighted down twin shafts.

Helnara The Bow,
facing hundreds,
to see them running to their death.

The other a son of the north.
Valas of the bears
stood firm before the rushing hoard,
stood, an axe securely grasped
in each strong hand.
So bright, so sharp those blades!

The light glinted off their edges,
both aching for battle,
thirsting after ogre blood.
He held their steel promise
as the wave swept on.
Loud the voice of his enemies roaring,
dark his smouldering eyes,
as he watched beside his love.

Valas of the north,
before two hundred,
prepared to fight unto his death.

The dark force streaming
through Gonl Pass
Reaching as one hand,
Crying as one promise,
their vow
to trample, to rend
all who dared to stand against them.
And the mountains quaked,
yet the two remained.

Then the daughter of the arrow
Helnara, sure of heart,
laughed at the charging fury,
laughed, as her arrows sped
drawn to their weakness.
So deadly and true their aim!

Bright bow humming with delight,
she chose well her enemies
and none escaped her.
Still the wave swept forward
as she drew her last.
Fierce the coals in their dull pot burning,
shining battle light in her eyes,
as she set the shaft among them.

Helnara the Bow,
facing hundreds,
and then she set the pass aflame.

This poem got a very interesting start: from a roleplay I was in where we all took a quiz see what DnD class we were  and then played those characters. I actually scored highest in Druid, but someone had already gotten it, so I went with my secondary, Bard. I wanted a really great intro, complete with folk-legend song, so that I could highlight how her magic would work in the story. So, I asked my group for some legendary suggestions, and got this wonderful response from one of them –

“Helnara the Bow and Valas of the Northern Bear Tribe. They held the pass of Gonl for three hours, outnumbered a hundred orcs for each of them, and they died hand in hand, their monuments forever guarding the pass, locked forever in love.”

I’m not sure where I lost steam on this one. To be fair, I’ve never really stopped working on it. I’m always pulling it out and tweaking the lines, and I still know exactly where my notes for the next Valas stanza are. If I had to guess, I’d say this poem was one of the more understated victims of losing trust in my writing instincts and decision making ability… Working on fixing that. ^-^

Author: Jennifer L. Post

For most of my life I've been imagining and playing, making up stories and writing them down. It's my dream to become a published author. Right now I'm working hard to make that happen. ^-^

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