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State of the Jenn 2020 Update


Hi blog friends! Long time, no me writing anything here! *sheepish grin* So, here’s a quick post of what I’ve been up to, and what you can kind of expect from the blog in the next week or two. ^-^

From our NYD walk in the Seattle Arboretum

State of the Jenn: 

In the briefest of terms, 2019 was a little wild. XD I’m definitely not the only one who could say that, but there was a lot of up-n-down with life and emotional health for me. Large messy emotional disaster of a spring, which turned into actually a very restful and healing summer… and then my Scholar and I got rear-ended on the way to Writer’s Group right before autumn started. Not too much damage, to us or the car, and totally covered by insurance but… whoof. I’ve always said that cars are more trouble than they’re worth, and I doubt I’ll ever change my mind.

Things were very chill for the rest of the year, though a lot of stuff from that accident just lingered. Winter is usually my best brain time, but I struggled with depression and generally feeling useless in December. Worked through a lot of things though, and I think I’m coming out of it a little stronger… definitely with some helpful tools! Had a lovely Christmas with my sister. ^-^ Spent New Year’s sick on the couch. Got a huge gift that almost made me cry, and now I have a Switch! (Spending maybe a liiiiittle too much time playing Pokemon with Lucas… hehe)

So yeah, just a bit of a wiggly year. ^-^

Despite the roller-coaster, I feel pretty good about 2019. (At least when it comes to my personal life) I’ve kicked my holiday cough to the curb now and I’m ready to be productive! Which, is what this blog update is all about.

Blog Stuff: 

You might notice that there are currently NO posts from 2019 on my feed. Not even my traditional goal review made it up. Eesh. I say ‘currently’ because hilariously, I did actually write a goal review last year! It was late in February at the time, and it didn’t end up getting posted before the mad storm of March swallowed everything in its wake. XD So, I’ve decided to leave in the – sadly inaccurate – hopeful musings about my new job and post it up. Properly back-dated of course. For those of you who read this update first, please enjoy shaking your head and muttering, “Oh you sweet summer child.” I know I have!

Shortly after the 2018 goal review goes up, I plan to post one for 2019 goals as well. I mean, I did consider waiting ANOTHER whole year to write it, so that it could magically appear in the feed next year like a very sad magic trick… but ultimately decided against that idea. Knowing me, I’d forget and end up posting it two years late! ^-^ A slippery slope, my friends.

Anyhow, look for the New Year’s Goal Review to show up sometime this week. Let’s say Wednesday, and see how I do. 😉

As far as future stuff for the blog, I’m going to try my level best to post some reading related things this year. Probably centered around my TBR list, which I’m still relentlessly pursuing. I think an update on my progress would be good. Maybe a post about my favorite reads from the list so far? And one about favorite new books I’ve cheated to the top of it. hehe  Writing updates will probably continue to be slow, because I am a very slow writer.

I’m also considering typing up a little list I wrote when my coughing kept me up in December, about all the things in 2019 that made me proud or very happy. ^-^ It would be nice to have my final thoughts for the year reflecting on all the positive stuff that happened, rather than the crazy stuff. But, it also might be too much look-back when added to my normal Goal Review. I dunno. I might just make long thread on Twitter.

And finally, a big thank you to everyone who is still following me after a year of absence, and especially those that made it all the way down to the bottom of this rambly thing. ^-^ I hope to be talking at you a lot more this year!

Happy new decade, everyone!

Author: Jennifer L. Post

For most of my life I've been imagining and playing, making up stories and writing them down. It's my dream to become a published author. Right now I'm working hard to make that happen. ^-^

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  1. I’m glad to see you updating and can’t wait to see what this knew year hold for you. Happy New Year and hopeful 2020

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