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Come for some relevant life events and miscellaneous facts about Jennifer L. Post? Well, step into my parlor!

I was born in California, but will always consider Alaska to be my home state because that’s where I had all of my ‘growing up’ adventures. I have always loved any form of storytelling, most especially books. Books and I have been inseparable since I was about 4 1/2 . However it wasn’t until a few years later that I learned how books came into being. They did not just pop into existence, people wrote them. People took words and used them to pull thoughts and ideas out of their heads and share them with other people. Nor were grown up people the only ones who could use this magic, kid people could do it too.

This was third grade mind you, when grammar and punctuation were very fleeting concerns, character and plot design even more so. I knew nothing of themes, genres, or cliches. All I knew was that now my imagination could take a tangible form. No longer did I need to coerce my sisters into playing the appropriate roles, I could simply write the story as I wanted it. Oh bliss! Oh joy unrivaled by chocolate or ice cream, or even chocolate ice cream!

And that’s how I became addicted to writing.

Oddly enough, “I love to write” did not immediately translate to, “I want to be a writer someday”. First on my list of things I wanted to be when I grew up was an Astronaut. After that I wanted to be a professional Astronomer. At one point I was even dead set on running a fantasy themed inn with one of my sisters. It’s almost too bad about that last one. I imagine people would have loved a chance to spend the night in a sylvan bower or a dragon’s hoard. ^-^

Once you reach your later teens it seems like people are always asking you, “What are your plans?” “What are you going to do with your life?” And the more people would ask me, the more I realized that what I really, really wanted to do was to write. Not just write as a hobby, but write things and publish them… and get paid for it!

My very first post on this blog (A Writer With A Dream) goes a little more into what happened after that; but suffice to say that I still want to be an author reaaaaaalllly bad. So, I’m working hard to make that happen. ^-^

That pretty much wraps up this about page. Anyone feeling the need for more miscellaneous facts, feel free to scroll down past this picture of me hugging a tree.

This tree rescued me from a headlong downhill plunge. You would have hugged it too!

This tree rescued me from a headlong downhill plunge. You would have hugged it too!

Miscellany! (I love this word)

The stereotype category I fall under is definitely Nerd. Technically my sub-class is Book Wyrm, but I also very much enjoy video games (RPG mainly), anime, superhero movies, community theater, and numerous other things.

I read mainly fantasy, with cautious forays into other genres. Same goes for my writing. My very favorite author is Andre Norton. Seriously, this lady was a boss! Look her up! I’m also very fond of Mercedes Lackey, Terry Brooks, Diana Wynne Jones, and many others. I’m very much into older writing like the original Conan shorts and Elric of Melnibone books… Also Andre Norton…

Other things I am very fond of include cats, dragons (although they are practically the same thing), green growing things, and waterfalls. I’m slightly obsessed with Wales. I love to sing. I have really good memory for faces and body language. I do not have a very good sense of smell.

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