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Flash Fiction: Parallel

Although the bench at the bus stop was metal and quite cold, Liz barely reacted to it when she sat down. Her mind was full of the insanity that had been her work day. Even more maddening, today was merely a drop in the bucket of endless days. Just more of the same, over and over, until she felt so numb that even a frozen butt could not faze her.

With a small sigh for the sadness of it all, Liz leaned back against the frigid bench and snuggled as far into her coat as she could manage. The sun, an orange glow back-lighting the buildings across the street, had all but set. It would only get colder before her bus came. Continue reading

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Poetry Month Fridays – Unfinished Epics: The Two At Gonl

A black wave surging
‘tween mountain walls.
Roaring with one voice,
rushing with one purpose,
to break,
with fury, with rage
upon the two who held against them.
The ogres charged.
But the two stood fast.

One a daughter of the arrow.
Helnara, called The Bow,
laughed in the face of the darkness,
laughed, as she bent her bow
and loosed two arrows.
How straight and true her arrows!

The air humming with their flight,
each summoned an enemy
to the Cold One’s halls.
Yet the wave swept onward
as she drew again.
Warm the sun on her bright hair shining,
fierce the light in her eyes,
as she sighted down twin shafts.

Helnara The Bow,
facing hundreds,
to see them running to their death.

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Poetry Month Fridays – Unfinished Epics: Dream Song

In the still of the night,
when the stars shone dim,
I wandered alone, for I could not rest.
I wandered alone in the shadows.
Not a noise did I hear,
no sweet night-bird’s hymn.
By no sylvan sound was the silence blessed.
By no sylvan sound from the shadows.

Yes the forest’s full voice was stilled that night
till a song stole out of the shadows. Continue reading

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Poetry Month Fridays – Unfinished Epics: The Key Riddles

The Key of Light

Hold your anchors, hold your boats,
leave off the slippery sides.
You will find no anchor here,
where the first key bides.

Within the sacred, ancient hill
is where the secret hides.
But only water can breach the stone
and find where it resides.

Towers, walls, and battlements
hold your guards and guides.
Watch the shields, watch for swords,
and watch the burning tides.

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From A Clear Blue Sky

Ladiya lay on her stomach, keeping a drowsy eye on the street outside her narrow alley. The area around the Suncut Bazaar could never truly be silent, even at night, but the heat of midday managed to subdue the hubbub and bustle somewhat. Shouts of merchants selling their wares were few, and almost languid in nature. People in the street tended to meander instead of stride. Even the patrols of the Hand of Ord, in their brilliant sapphire and brass regalia, passed by her at a pace which could only be called sedate.

She would be safe here for quite a while, tucked into the tiny shadow provided by a stack of crates. It had just enough shade to be baking instead of broiling; not to mention a perfect view of her target. With a sigh of contentment, Ladi rested her head on her folded arms and settled in to wait. Continue reading

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Poetry Month Fridays – A Song of Crane and Heron

Once there lived a Heron,
by the ocean wide and blue,
who met a snowy Crane.
To the city she was new.

She said, “I’d love some fish.
Let’s go together! If you would?”
He smiled a little smile at her
and simply said, “Sounds good!”

Oh happy were they then
and happy they shall be.
No two such as they
in the city by the sea.

Said the Heron to the Crane,
“I love your sapphire eyes,
your honesty, your wit;
how I love the way you fly!”

And the Crane replied to him,
“I love your open heart,
your gentleness, your smile;
so let’s never be apart!”

Oh happy were they then
and happy they shall be.
No two such as they
in the city by the sea.

They sent for friends and family.
From near and far they came
to see the joyous union of
the Heron and the Crane.

Before this loving company
they stood, with eyes ashine.
Said Heron, “Here’s my hand and heart.”
Said Crane, “And here is mine.”

“Feather twined with feather
forever we shall be,
wing in wing together
in our city by the sea.”

Yes, happy were they then
and happy they shall be.
No love such as theirs,
it is wider than the sea. Continue reading

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Poetry Month Fridays – Rise

Four different voices raised to sing
heart-mending harmony.
Four little chicks who grew to be
four women, bright and free.

I think it plain no Mother Hen
could hatch out such as these,
nor any grey-plumed Mockingbird
who huddles in the trees.

When the world had turned to ashes
you rose up from its pyre;
so proud and brave, and beautiful,
with wings of dream and fire.

Dear Phoenix send your heart with me,
your little Turtledove,
as off I fly to build my nest
and fill it full of love.

Your strong and hopeful love. Continue reading

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Poetry Month Fridays – Soar

Oh mighty golden eagle,
in your rightful place of three,
what goes on behind those eyes
as you’re gazing out to sea?

Are you thinking of the updrafts
that will loft you oh so high?
Or the wondrous lonely feeling
of an endless, open sky?

You always had the largest wings,
the sharpest, keenest sight;
fierce talons, plus a heart of gold,
and the strength to do what’s right.

Face all your storms and challenges
the way you have from the start,
and know that however far you fly
we’re never too far apart

when we’re in your heart. Continue reading

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Poetry Month Fridays – Zip

Always zipping and zooming about,
with hardly a pause for rest,
our valiant little hummingbird
is second to leave the nest.

Bright-eyed girl with a carefree smile,
you’re the littlest sister, it’s true;
but when the going gets rough you are tough enough.
Only fools would mess with you!

So flaunt your colors and brandish your sword.
Keep that confidence, seize the day!
Set your sights on all of the sweet things in life;
don’t let anything stand in your way.

And though you zoom off, out of our sight,
you should know this will always be true:
All of your hope may be in yourself,
but we’ll always be here for you.

Cause we yo crew!
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Poetry Month Fridays – Fly

Once you were a little chick,
so soft and downy white.
Now, all grown up,
with wings and dreams,
you’re taking your first flight.

A Crane is what I’d call you,
elgegant, poised, and tall.
I know those long legs,
and powerful wings,
will never let you fall.

Sister, daughter, barista supreme
you’re first to leave the nest.
And I hope you can see,
despite envious looks,
that we wish you all the best!

So spread your phoenix wings and fly
over desert, seas, whatever.
And know in your heart
that, wherever you go,
we’ll always be birds of a feather.

And we’ll stick together. Continue reading