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Poetry Month Fridays – Unfinished Epics: The Two At Gonl

A black wave surging
‘tween mountain walls.
Roaring with one voice,
rushing with one purpose,
to break,
with fury, with rage
upon the two who held against them.
The ogres charged.
But the two stood fast.

One a daughter of the arrow.
Helnara, called The Bow,
laughed in the face of the darkness,
laughed, as she bent her bow
and loosed two arrows.
How straight and true her arrows!

The air humming with their flight,
each summoned an enemy
to the Cold One’s halls.
Yet the wave swept onward
as she drew again.
Warm the sun on her bright hair shining,
fierce the light in her eyes,
as she sighted down twin shafts.

Helnara The Bow,
facing hundreds,
to see them running to their death.

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Poetry Month Fridays – Unfinished Epics: Dream Song

In the still of the night,
when the stars shone dim,
I wandered alone, for I could not rest.
I wandered alone in the shadows.
Not a noise did I hear,
no sweet night-bird’s hymn.
By no sylvan sound was the silence blessed.
By no sylvan sound from the shadows.

Yes the forest’s full voice was stilled that night
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Poetry Month Fridays – Unfinished Epics: The Key Riddles

The Key of Light

Hold your anchors, hold your boats,
leave off the slippery sides.
You will find no anchor here,
where the first key bides.

Within the sacred, ancient hill
is where the secret hides.
But only water can breach the stone
and find where it resides.

Towers, walls, and battlements
hold your guards and guides.
Watch the shields, watch for swords,
and watch the burning tides.

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Poetry Month Fridays

It’s October again! That means crisp air, costumes, and poetry month. ^-^

To be perfectly honest, I am not a prolific poet. I really just dabble, mostly for the fun of playing with rhyme schemes and syllable counts. A lot of my poetry (at least the stuff I will admit to) was written many years ago, and most of it has already been used for two previous sets of Poetry Month Fridays.

That being said, I think I still have one more set I can use… although it will be a slightly different theme than other poetry months: Unfinished Epics.

By epic, I mean a poem that portrays an actual story, in a grand and complicated style. Strangely, I have several of these: a riddle for a grand quest, the story of a fierce battle, and a whimsical tale of faerie. I hope you will enjoy them, even in their incomplete forms. And I also kind of hope that re-reading and talking about them will give me a little inspiration to get back to work. ^-^ The series will start next week, on Friday of course!

Enjoy the colorful, dancing days of autumn everyone!