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2017 NaNo Notes: Week 3

You might note that there was no ‘Week 2’ update last Wednesday. Yes, this is a pretty accurate gauge of how I’m doing with this Short-Fic NaNo project. I currently stand at 2,063 words, out of the 10,500 I ought to have at this point. (15,000 is the goal for the full month)

So, that’s some serious failing. Those numbers don’t feel good. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re mocking me.

When I look past the numbers though, and remember what I was hoping this year’s bout of “writer’s therapy” would help me with, it doesn’t feel so bad. It’s been something like three months since the last time I did any real writing… as in, actual writing for a story. Three months might as well be an eternity of not writing.

And now I’m writing. Now, I have 2,063 words that I didn’t have written at the beginning of this month, or even at the end of the first week. In terms of scenes, I’m about a fourth of the way through the story. That’s most of the slow-build setup stuff that always takes forever. At work, instead of pondering new plot points for the stories in my idea hatchery, I’m thinking about awkward scene transitions and what sort of emotional state my character will be in from scene to scene. I’m starting to pull myself out of the pit I’ve been in. This is a huge win!

Okay, it’s more like a small win. ^-^ It’s progress, and that’s something I can be happy about. Oh, also I read four books off my TBR list! Progress all around, haha.

There’s one more week left in the month. Can I grind out 13,000 more by then? It seems preeeeetty unlikely. Nevertheless, I shall try.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Do your best out there! ^-^

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2017 NaNo Notes: Week 1

Oh man, guys, I am not doing well so far. >.< As in, we’re a whole week into November and I have written zero words. Nada. Nothing. Zip. I was feeling so excited and determined at the end of October, how did this happen?

Well, I’ll give you the quick run-down:

Firstly, I skimped on some basic prep-work, because I thought I already had everything ready to go. I’d decided to go with ‘Angel Wings’ as my first story this month; partly because it’s been on the shelf for way too long, and partly because jumping into something already started is a little easier sometimes. I already had outlines and everything ready to go. My plan was to give the first few scenes a quick re-read and then jump right in! The problem with this plan is that apparently I never typed up all the work I did before the project got shelved. The only file I have is the empty one that I cried about in my “Lost Pages” post, forever ago. Continue reading


Belated Birthday Thoughts: On Being A Failure

So last week I turned 28, which is pretty cool. Over the weekend Lucas and I hosted a birthday shindig – also the first ever shindig in our new place – and it was a huge success! ^-^ And, thanks to having people over, our house is finally clean and set-up, so I feel like we are finally settled in. I think this has already helped my writing, because I got up early on Saturday and spent some time finishing up the first typo-edit of my wizard story. And on Sunday I even remembered to send it out to my betas!

There’s just something about not feeling like there’s an endless list of things to DO, that makes me feel like sitting down and writing. Hopefully I can keep up this momentum. ^-^

Another thing that my birthday brought about: a lot of thoughts about my goals and how far I’ve gone towards achieving them. I’m going into my third year of blogging and seriously pursuing a writing career. Being published, that’s my big goal.

To be honest, I don’t feel like I’m any closer to reaching that goal than I was in 2014. Continue reading


Why Didn’t I Make My Deadline?

Lists! Lists are just amazing things. Lists help salve the soul and bring order to chaos. Whenever someone makes fun of me for making lists upon lists, I just smile sadly. How horrible it must be not to know the joy of a well-ordered list!

A well ordered list could save the world. Or at least, it could help you come up with a kick-ass plan to do it. ^-^

In the post just before this one, I talked about how I missed the deadline for the finished first draft of my short story, Romaine. Missed is really the wrong word, as I didn’t come anywhere close to finishing on time. Even though it was a self imposed deadline, I was pretty crushed that I wasn’t able to get it.

Well, after a relaxing anniversary weekend with my Scholar, I sat down to think about exactly why it is that I failed in such an epic manner. I assure you this is not a list of excuses to make myself feel better. In this post I’m going to look carefully at each point and figure out how to avoid that problem in the future. Perhaps this way I can turn my failure into something useful. Continue reading

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The Little Writer Who Could… or not.

I often describe myself as being “Anne-ish”. For those who have never read L. M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables (you poor deprived souls! ^o^ ) and subsequent books, I will explain a little of what that means in the context of this particular post. It means that I am the type of person who gets very optimistic and excited about plans I have made. “This and this I’ll do, and it will turn out so well! Oh, and then this might happen! I can see it all now. This plan is amazing, it’s going to be so much fun!” And then, if things don’t work out the way I’ve planned them, it almost breaks my heart. Sort of like gliding blissfully through the sky, then suddenly having the wind drop out from under you and plummeting head first into the mouth of an active volcano.

In other words, I tend to take my failures very hard. Continue reading