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Reading Journal Special: Light Novels (part 2)

After I decided to separate this special into two parts, I have to admit that I felt a little anxious. I still feel so new to blogging, and I’m always worried about doing the wrong thing with my format and topics. After writing working on this second post though, I feel better about the decision. It has allowed me to spend a bit more time on a series that is one of my favorites, and certainly well deserving of a little more attention. Continue reading


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Reading Journal Special: Light Novels (part 1)

It’s time, once again, for the Monthly Reading Journal! I was looking at my list and realized that over half of the books in this set of five were Light Novels. Furthermore, two of them were actually the third and fourth books in a series which I had started reading last year, before I got my Reading Journal. A special covering all of them seemed the best thing to do. I even threw in one that I read a couple of years ago. It actually turned out rather long, so I decided to split it up a bit. ^-^

Before I go into actually talking about my books, I should probably say a bit about what a Light Novel actually is? Continue reading


A Quick Romaine Shout-Out!


Yes it does really require bold and all caps. ^-^ In fact, only two exclamation points is pretty danged conservative because ROMAINE IS FINISHED! Final sentence, final period, story complete! At least, the first draft of it. That’s really all I care about right now, honestly.

Including some prep work, this project has been about nine months in the making.  It comes in at 37,787 words, almost 50 pages (12 font, single spaced). To be perfectly truthful, I still kind of hate it right now. I will be very happy to dump it in a dark folder on my computer and not think about it for a good long while.

Of course, my Scholar gets to read it before that happens since it was supposed to be his anniversary present. Better late than never, right? XD

Now I am off to find some delicious celebratory foods!


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A new year of challenges and goals!

Obviously a little late out of the gate with this post, but Happy New Year to all! ^-^ I hope it has been good so far.

So 2014 is definitely over. It dragged its feet in a couple of places, but for the most part it went by really fast. I can’t say I’m sad to see it go. I did get a lot accomplished, but the last few months have been really difficult for me. So I am looking forward to (hopefully!) a change of pace and a happier Jenn in the new year. Not to mention the extra writing time that comes with the mall being dead post-Christmas! ^-^

Looking back for a moment, here’s a quick list of last year’s goals and how I did with them: Continue reading

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NaNo Notes: Wrap Up

Happy December! ^-^

Well, NaNoWriMo is officially over. That last week is always the hardest, especially when you have to work Black Friday. I actually managed to write 1,100 words on Thanksgiving, in between two family gatherings and working till midnight. That felt pretty cool. ^-^

Alright so let’s get down to the final stats then, shall we? Continue reading

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NaNo Notes: Week 3

I can’t believe it’s already week three of November. Only one more week, and a couple days, left on my NaNoWriMo challenge! I also can’t believe how well I’m doing right now. I am meeting my goals, and pushing right on through tough scenes with at least  a fraction of the devil-may-care, “I’ll edit that later!” attitude which I have long envied many of my peers.

Here are the relevant stats:
Continue reading