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2017 NaNo Notes: Week 1

Oh man, guys, I am not doing well so far. >.< As in, we’re a whole week into November and I have written zero words. Nada. Nothing. Zip. I was feeling so excited and determined at the end of October, how did this happen?

Well, I’ll give you the quick run-down:

Firstly, I skimped on some basic prep-work, because I thought I already had everything ready to go. I’d decided to go with ‘Angel Wings’ as my first story this month; partly because it’s been on the shelf for way too long, and partly because jumping into something already started is a little easier sometimes. I already had outlines and everything ready to go. My plan was to give the first few scenes a quick re-read and then jump right in! The problem with this plan is that apparently I never typed up all the work I did before the project got shelved. The only file I have is the empty one that I cried about in my “Lost Pages” post, forever ago. Continue reading

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Plans for Poetry Month

As a quick writing update… well, I have actually been writing a little bit. ^-^ And I do mean little. We’re talking a paragraph here and there. Still, it makes me happy because I feel my creativity is slowly creeping back to me.

In other news, October is almost upon us!  For me that means fun costumes, an extra excuse to eat pumpkin pie, and also Poetry Month. ^-^ I’m more of a dabbler in poetry than anything else, but I’ve always enjoyed it.

Just like last year, I’ll be celebrating Poetry Month on the blog by putting up an old poem of mine every week. However, there will be a slight change in that I will be posting them to the blog-roll first and then moving them to my Poetry page later; which should make them easier to find.

This year I’ve also decided to feature a series of poems that I have written for my family. I call it my “Feathers” series. It was written over a several years as my sisters and I all left home for the first time. It’s a set of simple poems that I’ve really enjoyed writing, and I hope that you will also enjoy reading them. ^-^ The first one is titled, “For Stephanie”, and it will be up on Friday. [Edit: The official title is actually ‘Fly’]

Have a great week! ^-^


Flash Fiction: Moonlight Shadow

She had a distinct feeling that the moonlight illuminating her way was unnecessary. Darkness would not have impeded her search in the slightest; her heart alone had drawn her to this place. Still, it did offer an excellent view as she made her way down into the valley.

A quaint cobblestone church sat just off the gravel road, nestled between the rolling slopes of two small mountains. Behind it, a lake shining and serene, crowned with the silhouette of pine trees. The full moon had given all of it a surreal quality, like a postcard washed in silver. Continue reading

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Up, Up, Update and Away!


Haha, sorry I could not resist the pun. 😉

It seems that lately I have been almost nothing but stressed out. Not that anything particularly awful has occurred, but there has just been so much to plan, organize, and get done. Staying up, with thoughts whirling in my head, until the soothing blue glow of pre-dawn creeps through my windows has become a regular occurrence in the last week or so. I guess it makes up for the all-nighters I never had to pull in high school? ^-^ Continue reading

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Writing Achievement Unlocked!

I’m sorry that my posts have become so spaced out lately. I’m still dealing with after-effects of the lemon life recently sent zinging towards my head. It’s a whole long story, which I might go more into later, but suffice to say that right now apartment/room hunting is taking up a lot of my time. Not to mention the planning for our fortnight trip to Alaska, about two weeks from now, for my friend’s wedding. So, please forgive me if posts continue to be a little sparse going on into June.

In actual writing related news Continue reading

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Birthday Celebrations

Today I am twenty-seven years old! I don’t know if there are any special new abilities I get at level 27, or if it’s one of those levels where your stats just go up, but either way it’s pretty cool. ^-^ Even cooler, my blog has officially been around for a year! I’ve even managed to keep up a decent amount of posting, which is a huge first for me and blogs/journals of any kind. Continue reading


Research Results

This week has been all about doing my research, and I’ve been hard at work. ^-^ I also finished up another book from my unread book box, ‘Ringworld’ by Larry Niven. So yay!

First on my list this week was finding out how submitting work under a pen name works. I was a little worried that it would involve some complicated legal process, but it seems quite simple. Basically you submit your work under your legal name, and just request that it be published under your pen name. You can include it in your cover letter, or even just put “writing as (pen name)” under your real name when sending in a manuscript. Easy.  I also found out that your published name is called a ‘Byline’, which is pretty cool. ^-^
Continue reading

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State of the Blog Address

Hey out there! It’s been over a week since my last post, so I figured a quick look at what I’ve been up to is in order. I have actually been getting things done!

My first order of business now that ‘Romaine’ is done has been to get to work on editing for the first story I wrote last year, ‘Take On Me’. This has been going very well indeed! I printed out a copy of it so that I could physically scribble notes and edits on it. Pretty light editing really, mostly phrasing stuff and tightening up some sentences. I’ve already finished going through the whole story, and am now awaiting notes from a couple of beta readers to see how they match up with my own edits. Continue reading