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Reading Journal Special: Light Novels (part 1)

It’s time, once again, for the Monthly Reading Journal! I was looking at my list and realized that over half of the books in this set of five were Light Novels. Furthermore, two of them were actually the third and fourth books in a series which I had started reading last year, before I got my Reading Journal. A special covering all of them seemed the best thing to do. I even threw in one that I read a couple of years ago. It actually turned out rather long, so I decided to split it up a bit. ^-^

Before I go into actually talking about my books, I should probably say a bit about what a Light Novel actually is? Continue reading



Quick Update and Monthly Reading Journal 8/15

I want to have Monthly Reading Journals posted on the first Monday of each month. However, Lucas finally got a place to stay in Portland for August, so all of last week was spent organizing, packing, getting in last minute visits with family, and just being together before he left. That has pushed my writing schedule out a little bit. ^-^

I’m really excited that he was finally able to go up! I am working hard at apartment hunting, and getting the rest of our things packed and ready to go; but it’s possible that I won’t get to see him for a whole month or more… and I miss him a ton already. 😦

Writing this Monthly Reading Journal however, has been a good distraction. The end of February/beginning of March is when I originally read this set, and it’s so fun to look back at my notes about how much I liked most of them. ^-^ Even better, a couple of these five are the first in a series; which means even more good times somewhere down the line.

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Monthly Reading Journal

For Christmas I received a wonderful thing called, “The Book Lover’s Journal”. Black, sleek, leather-bound… and perfectly set up for writing down important details about books you’ve read, or would like to read. Now that I can record my progress, I’ve found myself even more inspired to read. I even set myself a reading challenge for the year.

Another thing my book journal has inspired me to do is to start putting up some kind of book sharing/review posts. I love sharing books, and talking about books, almost as much as I like reading them. ^-^ I’ve just been having trouble coming up with a good format up till now.  What I’ve finally decided on is to share the books I’ve been reading from my journal, five or so every month, in a style similar to that of said journal. This will include reviews, but they will be quite short. I don’t honestly consider myself much of a reviewer. ^-^

So, let’s give this a try! Continue reading