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2017 NaNo Notes: Week 3

You might note that there was no ‘Week 2’ update last Wednesday. Yes, this is a pretty accurate gauge of how I’m doing with this Short-Fic NaNo project. I currently stand at 2,063 words, out of the 10,500 I ought to have at this point. (15,000 is the goal for the full month)

So, that’s some serious failing. Those numbers don’t feel good. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re mocking me.

When I look past the numbers though, and remember what I was hoping this year’s bout of “writer’s therapy” would help me with, it doesn’t feel so bad. It’s been something like three months since the last time I did any real writing… as in, actual writing for a story. Three months might as well be an eternity of not writing.

And now I’m writing. Now, I have 2,063 words that I didn’t have written at the beginning of this month, or even at the end of the first week. In terms of scenes, I’m about a fourth of the way through the story. That’s most of the slow-build setup stuff that always takes forever. At work, instead of pondering new plot points for the stories in my idea hatchery, I’m thinking about awkward scene transitions and what sort of emotional state my character will be in from scene to scene. I’m starting to pull myself out of the pit I’ve been in. This is a huge win!

Okay, it’s more like a small win. ^-^ It’s progress, and that’s something I can be happy about. Oh, also I read four books off my TBR list! Progress all around, haha.

There’s one more week left in the month. Can I grind out 13,000 more by then? It seems preeeeetty unlikely. Nevertheless, I shall try.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Do your best out there! ^-^

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From A Clear Blue Sky

Ladiya lay on her stomach, keeping a drowsy eye on the street outside her narrow alley. The area around the Suncut Bazaar could never truly be silent, even at night, but the heat of midday managed to subdue the hubbub and bustle somewhat. Shouts of merchants selling their wares were few, and almost languid in nature. People in the street tended to meander instead of stride. Even the patrols of the Hand of Ord, in their brilliant sapphire and brass regalia, passed by her at a pace which could only be called sedate.

She would be safe here for quite a while, tucked into the tiny shadow provided by a stack of crates. It had just enough shade to be baking instead of broiling; not to mention a perfect view of her target. With a sigh of contentment, Ladi rested her head on her folded arms and settled in to wait. Continue reading

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April Update

So it’s been over a month since my last post. Considering that post was about failure, this fact may seem a little ominous… The truth is that almost nothing I did this month felt worthy of its own post. More like a sentence or two each. And, since I’m still somewhat wary of Twitter, I thought I’d combine them all together in an all-together update for April. ^-^ And a quick overview of my writing plans for May.

Life – The long work hours continue. I was expecting them to level off a bit. Then we ended up being down a person, so everyone’s working loooong shifts until we fill in the gaps. I’m beginning to think this might always be how it is at this job. XD Such is life, I guess!

In more fun news, I went to Get Lit At the Beach again, at the beginning of the month. Lucas was even able to go with me this time. ^-^ I have to admit that one of the highlights for me was that Terry Brooks remembered me from last year, and we chatted a bit. *shiny eyes* Much like last year, I had a great time listening to the presenting authors talk about their careers and processes. Lucas and I also met some great people that we hung out with, and it was just a fabulous weekend all around! Continue reading


Writing Update!

I had some really long hours at work last month! I managed to keep up with my writing pretty well though, by bringing notebooks to work and writing during my break, as well as attending weekly writers group. ^-^

My big project right now is Romaine. I was hoping to be well into editing at this point, but I’ve only gotten a couple of notes back from my beta readers, so I’ve been waiting hopefully for a few more before I dive in. The notes I have gotten so far have been super helpful though. There are a few loose threads that I apparently didn’t tie up/explain as well as I thought I had. They involve character motivations… one of the things you definitely don’t want people to be confused about!

I’ve made some notes on how I can possibly clarify those plot points, Continue reading

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Writing Update

I completed the wizardy short story I was working on! Huzzah! I feel really good about it too, partially because it didn’t turn into a behemoth like the last one. I think it may be less that 6,000 words when it’s all typed up, even less when I edit it. I think that’s going to be a lot more marketable than TMO’s 9,000+ word count. ^-^ One thing I feel odd about is that it still doesn’t have even a working title; that never happens with me.

Another thing I finished up this month is the typo edit for Romaine. It’s all ready for some beta readers to peruse… but I haven’t yet gotten that whole thing organized. It’s pretty simple, I already have a few people who said they’d be interested. I just need to get in contact with all of them and figure whether I want to do this in more of a group setting, maybe with Google docs or Dropbox, or whether I want to stick with the classic approach and just send the story out by email. At this point though, between work and family stuff, I think beta organizing might have to wait till after Christmas. For that matter, so will typing up the second draft of my wizard story.

Another thing I need to get back on track with is sending Take Me On out to magazines Continue reading

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Quick Status Update

Hello out there! Things are a little wild over here right now. My Scholar got a great job offer up in Portland a couple of weeks ago, and since then we’ve been scrambling to find a place to live there before this great opportunity disappears. One really good lead so far, but we haven’t heard back from them with a decision yet. Let me tell you, it is quite nerve wracking.

This weekend we will be out on the coast with in-laws and adorable nieces. It will definitely be a fun, and much needed, rest! ^-^

On the writing front, things are going a bit slowly. Continue reading

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Up, Up, Update and Away!


Haha, sorry I could not resist the pun. 😉

It seems that lately I have been almost nothing but stressed out. Not that anything particularly awful has occurred, but there has just been so much to plan, organize, and get done. Staying up, with thoughts whirling in my head, until the soothing blue glow of pre-dawn creeps through my windows has become a regular occurrence in the last week or so. I guess it makes up for the all-nighters I never had to pull in high school? ^-^ Continue reading

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A Writing Update!

Finally! Right? haha ^-^

Life actually threw me a vicious curve-ball on Monday. It took me awhile to come to grips with it; but today I managed to sit down and do some serious work on Take Me On. I started by going through my list of final editing decisions and notes that I have been waiting to get in touch with my editor about. In case you’re just joining me, my editor is actually a dear friend who has volunteered her time to help me out, even though she’s super busy with school and her wedding is in about a month. ^-^ I had been thinking about this a lot this weekend, because I really, really, reeeeeaaaaally want to get TMO completely finished before the first of May. But sadly, our schedules have just not been matching up at all this month. Continue reading

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Further Research Results

I have been spinning my wheels a little bit with my writing lately. I’m still having issues with getting back into Angel Wings, and I have been waiting on edits for Take Me On. While I will not lie, there has been a lot of Netflix and Guild Wars 2 going on over here, I have also been doing a lot of research into some topics involved in the publishing process. Thus, my procrastination has turned into writing! There’s a wheel metaphor in there somewhere, haha. ^-^

Anyhow, here’s the pertinent info. I split it up into a few different categories… mostly to help myself organize my own thoughts on everything. Yay list! ^-^ Continue reading