Dreamer Documents

Before the Sun

The sun is rising,
reaching out to a dark world once again.
Its first golden rays, a whisper of brilliance yet to come,
dance across the water, across your face.

It suits you well,
this warm and dancing light, this sweet rosy glow of morning.
Better than a thousand moonlit nights,
or the shine of a million stars
ever could.

What I wouldn’t give to call back the night,
To hold fast these last dark hours…
I find I hate the sun,
and almost curse the day it led you to me;
the day that led me to this place in time, this indecision.
Still I can’t help loving you in this moment,
this fateful dawn.

A lark is singing now,
Shattering the silence as the sun is shattering the sky;
shattering my heart…

Sleep on my love, for I must be away
before the sun rises.


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